The Sonic Coast Story

The Sonic Coast Story

 Born and raised in Michigan, I've had a love affair with the state's rich music history since a very young age.  My dream since I was seven years old was to play in a band and be heard on the radio. But since guitar playing didn't turn out to be my best talent, I found a way that I actually could play music on the radio. I would become a DJ! 

That dream turned into a 40+ year journey that took me all over the country.  I discovered great music, and fabulous audiences in many places. I had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the biggest artists in the world. 

Of all the musicians, my favorites have always been LOCAL artists/bands. They're genuine, generous, grateful, and they have grit.

It was in the fall of 2014 when I returned to Detroit to attend Crain's Detroit Homecoming that I realized that I would one day give back to the city/state in my own unique way.  I recently retired from my corporate radio job so I could go right back to where it all started. Inspired by the music, the artists, and the grit of Michiganders, I started this online radio station to give back. My dream now is to amplify Michigan local musicians, bring attention to the musical history of the Great Lakes, and pump up the roots-rock and Americana music that defines the vibe of the Sonic Coast!    

Thanks for supporting Michigan's local music by streaming Sonic Coast. 

     Brian Maloney
       Founder | Chief Music Curator 

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