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One of the key advantages of partnering with Sonic Coast is our category exclusivity by time-period, which sets your business apart in a hectic worldBy offering only one marketing partner per industry per time period, we ensure that your brand will have unparalleled visibility and stand out in the crowded advertising landscape. *Some restrictions apply.

This exclusivity by time period guarantees that your message will not get lost among a sea of competing brands, allowing you to capture the undivided attention of our loyal, dedicated listeners.

With Sonic Coast, you can be confident that your marketing efforts will receive the spotlight they deserve, maximizing your brand's impact and driving impressive results.



People can listen to Sonic Coast anywhere in the world.  Fresh, clean digital sound. That doesn't mean we can't target a specific radius around your business. Our high end geo-targeting capabilities allow us to deliver an audience in your trade area. No waste.  



Passionate Listeners = Quality

With over forty years experience in marketing and promotion we know quality over quantity matters. The Americana/Roots-Rock audience is one of the most passionate audience bases to be found. They are loyal, authentic and support LOCAL businesses that support LOCAL music. This, along with our unique category exclusive offering for our business partners, make Sonic Coast a highly effective marketing platform to tell your story.


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Sonic Coast is independently owned and operated by a Michigander.  Everything we do is custom tailored to our marketing partners needs. 

We can provide you an effective, custom, exclusive campaign for your business. We'll give you reports each month on your exact audience reach.  No guessing. Simple. 

Are you ready to tell your story to Sonic Coast's passionate, loyal listeners?  

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