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The Whiskey Charmers With Jane Asher


The Whiskey Charmers is a Detroit-area-based band comprised of Lawrence Daversa and Carrie Shepard.

The Whiskey Charmers have won several Detroit Music Awards. Their lonesome sound caught the attention of Sony Entertainment and landed them a music placement as the backdrop for a bar scene in the video game Detroit: Become Human (2018), which has sold over eight million copies and introduced their music to new enthusiastic fans around the world.

The Whiskey Charmers talk with Sonic Coast curator Jane Asher about their just-released album Streetlights and upcoming (at the time) album launch at The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Duane Betts With Brian Maloney

Duane Betts, son of the Allman Brothers Band co-founder, the late Dickey Betts talks with Sonic Coast curator Brian Maloney. Duane had just begun the King Crawler Tour with the Allman Betts Band (featuring Devon Allman, son of the late Gregg Allman).

Duane talks about what he learned from his father, making it through the pandemic, his solo album Wild & Precious Life and getting the Allman Betts Band back together.

Jennifer Hudson-Prenkert - Sounds of The Zoo

Jennifer Hudson-Prenkert is the founder, organizer and "do all" for Sounds of The Zoo - a week-long music festival each September in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The Sounds of The Zoo festival features over 50+ bands in one week. Jennifer joins Sonic Coast curator Brian Maloney for a discussion about the festival - coming up this year September 23rd- 29th in Kalamazoo. Brian and Jennifer also discuss the fundraiser for Sounds of The Zoo on May 23, 2024 at Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo.

Big Jake - The Bootstrap Boys With Brian Maloney

Big Jake Stilson aka Big Jake Bootstrap - is the leader of Grand Rapids' The Bootstrap Boys. The band has been together nearly a decade but has found recent success with their 2023 album "Hungry And Sober". Several cuts from the album have been played frequently on Michigan's Sonic Coast internet radio station.

Sonic Coas curator Brian Maloney checks in with Big Jake to talk about the success of Hungry And Sober, life on the road, and what's next for the boys.


John Sinkevics With Brian Maloney

John Sinkevics is the Editor/Publisher of - an extensive online source for all things Michigan music. John is also the President of The Michigan Music Alliance.

John joins Sonic Coast curator Brian Maloney for a discussion about he explosive (continued) growth of the Grand Rapids music scene. It's been growing and going for quite some time - and John has covered it all. John shares his insights as to why Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo has become such an important region when it comes to musical talent in the state of Michigan. John also discusses the upcoming Local Spins Fest (May 2024) with an all-star line-up of local talent!

Sage Castleberry With Brian Maloney

Sage Castleberry is a singer-songwriter from Battle Creek, Michigan, USA. Once a lover of hair bands/80's rock - Sage gravitated to what he calls "pop country". With a rich musical background in his family history - Sage following his dreams to be a songwriter & performer. Sage discusses his new music and upcoming Singers In The Round tour in Michigan that kicks off in April 2024


Detroit Singer-Songwriter Mike Ward With Brian Maloney

Detroit singer-songwriter Mike Ward is known for his lyrically-centric vocally-charged folk songs. While growing up in Port Huron, Michigan, he listened to the Irish music of his heritage. He sang in several choirs before digesting the influential sounds of Simon & Garfunkel, Dylan, Springsteen, and John Prine. These days, he finds inspiration in the works of Jason Isbell, Sarah Jarosz, and Scott Cook. His intimate songwriting echoes through empty city streets, backcountry roads, and family portraits. It also resides in the hidden spaces between joy and tragedy, love and loss.

Mike talks with Sonic Coast curator Brian Maloney about his influences, upcoming shows (April 2024) and his 2023 release "Love Never Rests".

Julianne Ankley with Jane Asher

Julianne Ankley's soulful Americana, Blue Country, and Roots style hails from a small Michigan border town close to the shore of Lake Huron and within earshot of Detroit's musical influences.

With fourteen Detroit Music Awards, Julianne Ankley has been writing heartfelt songs and delivering electric performances for years. To date she has released 4 solo albums and 4 singles. Her songs have been used on national television (WXYZ ABC) for the annual “Woodward Dream Cruise” special, she performed live on the nationally televised “America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (WDIV NBC), and by HomeAid of America for PSA campaigns to raise funds for housing the homeless. Julianne tours nationally as a performer/speaker and splits her time between writing and recording in Nashville and her home in Michigan.

Julianne joined The Sonic Coast's Jane Asher to discuss her new release (Spring 2024) - "What Makes You Dance".

Marshall Crenshaw with Brian Maloney

Marshall Crenshaw is an acclaimed singer-songwriter known for his distinctive voice and timeless melodies. Marshall is a Michigan musical treasure. With his knack for crafting catchy pop-rock tunes infused with heartfelt lyrics, Crenshaw has garnered a loyal following over the years. Marshall is currently on tour celebrating "over 40 years in show business with two stops in his Michigan home state. Marshall joins Sonic Coast curator Brian Maloney for a conversation before his Michigan shows in Mt. Brighton and Grand Rapids (March 2024). 

Dan Tillery With Jane Asher

Dan Tillery is a singer-songwriter from the Detroit, Michigan, USA area. Dan has been performing music on a professional level since 2010 and has had a strong connection with music since his adolescence. Dan as multiple multiple albums and singles on iTunes, Soundcloud, Amazon, Google Play, Band Camp, etc. Dan has played sold-out shows, is a previous winner of the Battle of the Bands competition, former Ernie Ball Warp Tour Contest winner, WB Channel Christmas Song competition winner, and was accepted to America's Got Talent before deciding to go another direction. Dan speaks with Sonic Coast's Jane Asher. They discuss Dan's challenge in 2024 to put out a record number of new tunes, become a better person, and put the past behind him

Mark Jewett With Brian Maloney

Mark Jewett is an accomplished singer/songwriter from Michigan, United States. He has released three full-length albums, including the 2021 release Lucky One. In 2024, Mark Jewett released the single "Too Fast" featuring Michigan's "The Accidentals" guesting on the track. Mark speaks with Sonic Coast curator Brian Maloney to discuss the new single and his upcoming performances on the Singers In The Round tour with stops in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo, Michigan. The interview originally aired on The Sonic Coast on March 4, 2024.

Judy Banker With Brian Maloney

Michigan's Judy Banker released her 4th album, Bona Fide, in November of 2023. Sonic Coast curator Brian Maloney discusses Bona Fide with Judy, her previous albums, producing records with her son, and more. Judy participated in the Singers In The Round tour in February of 2024; Brian and Judy discussed playing in a "different" space.  

Michigan Rattlers/Graham Young With Brian Maloney

Sonic Coast's Michigan Music Curator Brian Maloney is joined by Graham Young (guitar/vocals) for the Michigan-based Michigan Rattlers band. Brian and Graham discuss a 2023 look back, what's in store for the band in 2024, and their performance at the 2024 Ann Arbor Folk Festival to benefit The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Devon Gilfillian With Jane Asher

Sonic Coast's Jane Asher talks with singer/songwriter Devon Gilfillian about his tremendous success in 2023 and what's in store for Devon in 2024. Devon is performing at the 47th Annual Ann Arbor Folk Festival to benefit The Ark on January 26, 2024.

Joe Hertler/Rainbow Seekers With Brian Maloney

Joe Hertler is the leader of Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers - a Michigan-based band. From Joe Hertler's website: "Joe Hertler splashes through lyrical puddles of golden rain, leaving his audience wearing flowery crowns and bubbling smiles. A ride on the Rainbow will take you across the mountains of Motown, through the avenues of folk, over the archipelagos of Americana, and last, a funky firth, where only the fiercest of friendships can be found. Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers have an infectious energy. Joe discusses recording their upcoming live album with three nights at Michigan's 20 Front Street, 2024 plans, and his Michigan roots.


Alison Albrecht With Jane Asher

Sonic Coast curator Jane Asher talks with Michigan's Alison Albrecht. Combining the likes of pop, folk, and soul with insightful songwriting, Detroit metro native, now LA-based Alison Albrecht consistently captivates audiences from concert venues to living rooms. She talks with Jane about her experience on NBC's The Voice (team Reba) and future plans!

Ironwood With Brian Maloney

Ironwood is a husband/wife acoustic duo from Michigan that is heavily inspired by Celtic and American folk music - often with a twist! Anna sings lead vocals and plays fiddle and mandoline, while Mark rocks the acoustic guitar and electric bass. Sonic Coast's Brian Maloney talks with the duo about their husband/wife venture and what's in store for 2024.

Karley Davidson with Jane Asher

Sonic Coast curator Jane Asher speaks with Karley Davidson - a passionate acoustic pop musician whos love for connecting with people through music has led to a captivating blend of influences. Karley travels full-time in a pink schoool bus tiny home, with her wife and three dogs. Jane and Karley disccuss life on the road and the musical process.

Abe Abraham with Jane Asher

Abe Abraham is a Detroit, Michigan-based singer and songwriter.  Abe can write some songs - he'll often go on a songwriting binge.  Abe talks with Sonic Coast curator Jane Asher about his songwriting process, including writing the song "Where the Skies Are Blue," which was subsequently recorded by The Lumineers for their #1 album, Cleopatra.  

Katelynn Corll with Brian Maloney

Katelynn Corll is a Michigan-based multi-instrumentalist and woodburning artist. Katelynn plays drums in the Michigan/Nashville-based group The Accidentals, with guest spots on many tours/albums and more. Katelynn recently spent time with Sonic Coast curator Brian Maloney to discuss her current projects.


Frank Grimaldi / Slowfoot with Brian Maloney

Frank Grimaldi is the frontman for Detroit's Slowfoot and talks with Sonic Coast's Brian Maloney. Slowfoot is straight on Detroit Rock & Roll. Frank talks about the release of Slowfoot's debut album in December 2022, the band's influences, and how the stop/starts of Covid prolonged the recording process of their debut album "Something Good". Frank also speaks about performing solo on 12/22 for a special benefit concert with The Gasoline Gypsies to benefit Habitat For Humanity - Detroit.

Jason Singer/Michigander with Jane Asher

Jason Singer of Michigander (from Midland, MI) is on a tear in 2023.  His new EP, "It Will Never Be The Same," has yielded substantial airplay at The Sonic Coast and nationally.  Jason talks with Jane about his influences, living on the road, and rebounding from a tragic accident while filming the video for his song Superglue.

The Gasoline Gypsies With Brian Maloney

Sonic Coast curator Brian catches up with the Gasoline Gypsies a few hours before they step on stage in Detroit with Myron Elkins.  The conversation includes the loyal, dedicated fans the Gypsies have, Wheatland memories and the Home For The Holiday's Christmas Show on 12/22/23


Myron Elkins With Jane Asher

Sonic Coast curator Jane Asher speaks with Michigan's very own Myron Elkins.  Myron discussed his new album Factories, Farms And Amphetamines.  Myron discusses his influences, producer David Cobb and meeting Mavis Staples!

Elderly Instruments CEO Lillian Werbin

Elderly Instruments, based in Lansing, Michigan, was named Small Business of The Year in the United States by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Sonic Coast curator Brian Maloney talks with Elderly Instruments CEO Lillian Werbin about the big honor.  Lillian shares her advice for small businesses just starting and establishing small businesses.

Desmond Jones / Isaac Berkowitz

Sonic Coast Curator Brian chats with Isaac Berkowitz (guitar/vocals) of Desmond Jones.  Based in Grand Rapids, Desmond Jones has been together for over 11 years and performed over 800 shows.  Brian and Isaac discuss the five Michigan dates Desmond Jones has to finish off 2023 and what's in store for Desmond Jones in 2024.


 Josh Clemens / Strange Heart

Josh Clemens does vocals/guitar for Detroit's Strange Heart.  When we launched Sonic Coast in September of 2023, Strange Heart came on our radar fast, and their song "Brand New Lover" reached #1 within two weeks on The Sonic Coast.  Josh joined us to discuss that song and their latest release, "Love Letters."  Josh discusses how the new song came about and the fun of playing with an eight-piece band at times!

Greg St. James / Radio Cobra Detroit

If you grew up in the Detroit area, the name (and voice of) Greg St. James is likely familiar.  Greg was a DJ at legendary Detroit rock stations WABX, WLLZ, WRIF, WLLZ, and the FOUNDER of the legendary 89X.  Greg has launched a new online radio station called Radio Cobra Detroit.  Like Sonic Coast, Radio Cobra Detroit is a LOCAL internet "radio station".  Sonic Coast's Brian Maloney discusses the explosive growth of local internet radio, particularly in Michigan.

Jacob Betts / The American Hotel System

Jacob Betts of The American Hotel System joins Sonic Coast music curator Brian Maloney.  The American Hotel System is a rock band based in Grand Rapids, Michigan that has just released a new EP entitled Can You Hear It.  Jacob discusses the bands' formation, winning a national contest and the excitement around their latest release.

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